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The sheer functionality of tiles has, for too long, seen them relegated to specific “zones” in the home: namely floors that need sweeping, and walls that need wiping. With the ever-expanding choice of patterns, colourways and finishes available to consumers, isn’t it time we thought of tiles as moveable murals, rather than plain and simple durable surfaces? Grant your tiles freedom of movement, and see what a statement they can make in your home with this selection of creative tile ideas …

Words | Nell Card

Go Organic

There’s no need for tiles to be sliced into straight lines and tucked neatly away at the edge of your floor or wall. If you’re laying herringbone tiles on the diagonal, consider leaving a run of peaks to contrast with the finish above. Hexagonal tiles can also be left with an organic edge that can look striking against wooden floorboards – just make sure you trust whoever is laying your floors. We are also fans of the dynamic cell-like structure of organic hexagonal splashbacks, even headboards. See what we mean?

Small Surface, Big Impact

Even a small surface area of exquisite tiles can create an impact. We’ve all seen how a freshly tiled hearth can completely revitalise a room. But consider other, small areas of interest, too. Your front door step, for example. Who wouldn’t like a punchy pattern to welcome them home every evening? Also spotted of late: a free-standing bath on a bed of inlaid tiles: a waterproof bathmat, if you will. This makes even more of a feature of your tub as well as creating a water-tight floor in the splash zone, freeing up your flooring choices for the rest of the room (concrete, reclaimed boards, parquet etc).

Photography (left) Frank&Faber | (right) via Lowe Home

Moveable Murals

Here, a wide, vertical strip of geometric tiles has been used on an external wall to break up a run of brickwork and create a sense of flow between the internal space and the external courtyard. The same drama can be created internally if you just extend your run of tiles either above or below the designated “splash zone”.

Photography (left) Sasufi | (right) Bert & May

Tiled Table Tops

As spotted at the recently opened Rail House Café (Railhouse.cafe) in London’s Victoria, tiled table tops are back in a big way. (Think clean geometrics in crisp, Mediterranean-inspired colours, as opposed to naff garden furniture mosaics.) Perhaps we’re just tired of rustic wooden backdrops, or perhaps we’re all just hankering for a slice of al fresco living – whatever it is, there is something about tiled table tops that makes food look effortlessly appealing.

Photography (left) Elle Decoration | (right) Bert & May

Paradise Islands

If you’ve gone for a fairly subtle splashback in your kitchen, tiling beneath the work surface of your kitchen island is a great way to maintain continuity. Conversely, if you have opted for a neutral floor and work surface, consider transforming your kitchen island into a bold patterned plinth.

On the Rise

The trend for tiling the risers on your stairway (the vertical plank between each step) is – forgive us – on the up, which is hardly surprising, considering how simple, practical and cost-effective it is. Whether you opt for monochrome geometrics or patterned tapas tiles, we particularly like this look when contrasted with natural wooden treads. Bear in mind this works for exterior staircases as well, and is a neat way to add interest to an otherwise drab outside area.

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