Inspirational Green Living Room Ideas

Green is good for you. And we’re not talking about spirulina, avocados or kale. Psychological studies have shown that the colour green focusses the mind and boosts your mood – it can even enhance creative performance. But, if the view from your window is less than evergreen, there are many ways to introduce this year’s must-have colour to your main living space…

Words | Nell Card

Green Sofa Wooden Floor Plant Pots

Photography Ola O Smit

Leafy Greens

We have written before about the beauty of houseplants. Not only do they clean the air you breathe, they look amazing too. Turn a little corner of your living room (any room in fact: hallway, bathroom, kitchen) into a potting shed with some vintage terracotta and an arrangement of living greenery.

Comfy Greens

Wooden Table Green Walls Modern Kitchen Table

Photography (left) Ochre | (right) Muuto

Your sofa is a major investment – and we wouldn’t recommend buying yours on the basis of an easy-come, easy-go trend. But green sofas have the uncanny knack of looking like they’ve always been there. Regardless of style, they are adaptable to almost any interior setting – period, contemporary or industrial. Our favourites come in shades of forest and sage. If you’re not ready to invest in a new sofa, simply update yours with a verdant throw or a row of plump, green cushions.

Green Fingers

Safe, sludgy greens create warmth and provide a welcome backdrop for honey-coloured floors and wooden furniture. But this season’s trend is altogether louder. Deep teal, jade and forest green walls – when contrasted with white or neutral – look crisp and contemporary and just the right side of glamorous. If you don’t want to colour block an entire wall, you could simply green-up your woodwork (dado rail, doorways, skirting boards) instead. Try contrasting several shades of green in the same room: a greyed green, with a more acerbic shade of mint, for example. Get it right and you’ll create a historic, country house appeal.

Botanicals Wallpaper Plant Pots Green Desk

Photography (left) Handylittleme | (right) Storyplanter

Green Accents

You can be bold with green accessories. Green vintage enamel pendant lights are a design classic that we can’t get enough of. Much like a green sofa, they never seem to look out of time or place. Green rugs are less easy to find: our advice would be to avoid anything too close to Astroturf green. A velvet green cocktail chair paired with a highly-reflective and generously-stocked drinks trolley will capture the opulence of this year’s trend, but we are just as keen on seeing shaker-style pieces of furniture – a wooden footstool or simple chest of drawers – given a lick of something grassy. A set of green dining chairs – or even just one in a punchy, racing green – are a great way of introducing colour to your kitchen, especially if it’s veering towards monochrome

Green Prints 

Pattern, colour and plants coalesce in this year’s trend for botanical wallpaper. Forget timid, traditional prints and opt for outsized tropical leaves instead (if you dare). These prints – together with all things macramé and retro rattan –will bring a bohemian, 70s vibe to your “pad”. If the very mention of wallpaper has you reaching for the neutral colour chart, then consider a collection of vintage botanical prints instead. Pinned casually or formally framed, the free-flowing forms and, colour of the leaves will give your interior the freshness it craves.

Looking for more ways to introduce green in your home? Check out our green tiles range. And browse our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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