Six Inspiring Bathrooms Trends for 2017

It’s unfortunate that the status of the bathroom has risen proportionally with the shrinking square meterage of our floorplans. What most are faced with when considering a new bathroom is how to make a minuscule space both supremely functional and luxurious – a room in which to seek refuge from the clamour of the day.

There are of course, reliable go-to classics that have been addressing this design conundrum for a few years now (Carrara marble and traditional subway tiles, we salute you). But, if you’re looking for something new for 2017, the following ideas should inspire …

Words | Nell Card


Photography Emma Lee

The New Material

If you have a minimalist aesthetic and an aversion to grubby grouting, a tadelakt bathroom is one option to consider. Tadelakt is a waterproof lime plaster surface that can be used to construct your walls, ceilings, floors, sink, shower enclosure and bath, thus radically reducing the need for too much decision making. It’s a technique that has been practised in southern Europe and Morocco for centuries, and one that is slowly catching on in the UK. The nuanced, hand-finished appearance of the lime plaster provides the perfect backdrop for both reflective and rustic accessories, allowing you to put your stamp on the décor. Happily, UK suppliers such as Tadelakt London have caught up with the trend and now offer a range of colours and finishes.

Photography (left) The Gallery HBA | (right) @bertandmay

Reclaimed Sinks

Ever since Ilse Crawford put a reclaimed fish-scaling sink at the centre of Aesop’s first UK store in Mayfair, the trend for vintage centrepieces has thrived. The patina and shape of a reclaimed sink will instantly give your bathroom character. Search your local reclamation yard for rescued butler sinks, wall-mounted enamel sinks, salt-glazed, lime or sandstone sinks. They can often be found for much less than the price of a new sink. For the ultimate statement sink, consider conflating two trends with a reclaimed marble number.


Photography (left) Quiet Town | (right) via Black Grout

Shower Screens & Curtains

There’s really nothing fun about shopping for shower screens: they are, after all, expensive expanses of plastic or glass that attract unsightly soap scum. Happily, the latest trend in the land of shower screens comes in the form of the much-loved Crittall window. A gridded, black metal enclosure makes a design feature of your shower – one that works perfectly with the on-going trend for monochrome.

If you don’t have the luxury of a free-standing shower, there is no need to resort to a body-clinging plastic shower curtains covered in seahorses and/or anchors. Instead, soften the hard lines of your space with a natural shower curtain made of canvas, hemp or linen. Line with a plain, thin waterproof layer if necessary. 

Matte Black Taps

Brushed brass will always have a timeless appeal and there is nothing more pleasing than a modern, elegant design rendered in this traditional material. Having said that, the trend for monochrome is strong. So strong, it has started to take the place of metallics in modern bathrooms. Matte black fixtures and fittings make a serious statement. A pared-back design will stand out against marble, concrete or monochrome tiles


Photography (left) Drummonds | (right) The Watermark Collection

Geometric Flooring

Unless you have opted for a coloured suite (didn’t think so), there is a tendency for white to dominate modern bathrooms. Whilst reclaimed or rustic decorative touches will help prevent your space becoming too anodyne, bold, geometric floor tiles are a surefire way to give your space identity and character. (It helps that a tiled floor – once sealed against water ingress – is the most durable and hygienic option for bathrooms.) This trend works particularly well in monochrome, pastels and punchy greens.

Design, then Decorate

Space restrictions aside, there’s no reason your bathroom should feel any less “decorated” than a bedroom or living room. If you have enough floor space, a weathered, wooden stool beside the bath will contrast nicely with white porcelain or dark cast iron. A vintage rug will also add opulence (for obvious reasons, position yours as far from the loo as possible). If you don’t have enough floorspace to play with, don’t neglect your walls. Hanging houseplants will help soften the space, as will foxed mirrors and a curated collection of framed artwork.

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