Introducing this Month’s Supper Club Host: Oliver Rowe

Cooking credentials … Oliver first learned to cook in Tuscany and trained at the award-winning restaurant, Moro. After establishing himself there, he became head chef at Maquis in Hammersmith and, after a short stint in Paris, went on to open Konstam and Konstam at The Prince Albert, both in King’s Cross. Since then he has worked in various kitchens at home and abroad including Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California. His first book, Food for All Seasons (Faber) is out now. 

Can often be found … Talking excitedly about plans for new meals and projects.

Oliver Rowe with book

Portrait by Elena Heatherwick | Still life by @her_dark_materials

What’s your style of cooking? My style is simple and natural, but I always start with a seasonal palette and then consider the different tastes, textures and techniques that can be used to elicit the best qualities from those ingredients.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Moro was an inspiring kitchen to start in, but my cooking has been shaped by the flavours of Tuscany, France, Spain and northern Europe.


Photography by Oliver Rowe

Why do you love to feed people? I actually get very nervous when I’m eating with people I’ve cooked for. It brings out my hypercritical voice and I often see only the things I’m not happy with. Nonetheless, the excitement that comes with the way food brings people together is joyous and intoxicating. That’s why I keep doing it.

What’s in your cupboards? Because of my job, I have such a random array of ingredients at home but I really enjoy playing around with all the things that end up in my cupboard. And I always make sure I have good olive oil, garlic and salt. And lots of interesting vinegars.


Photography by Oliver Rowe

What’s the difference between a good meal, and a great meal? The company, the conversation, the connection. Fantastic food always helps of course.

What’s on your supper club menu? A lot of chestnuts! I think that chestnuts really epitomise the essence of late autumn, so I found myself wanting to incorporate them in each dish. Eventually, we decided: why not just do that? It will be a meal that celebrates what’s actually quite a humble ingredient, in all it’s different forms: crunchy, crispy, creamy and crackling.


Photography by @marrbell | Oliver Rowe

Oliver Rowe (@oliver_rowe_london) will be serving a 3-course chestnut feast at the Bert & May Vyner Street showroom on Thursday 1 December. Buy your tickets here

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