Introducing This Month’s Supper Club Host: Kylee Newton

Cooking credentials … Kylee Newton is a self-taught preserver and cook. Born in New-Zealand, she is the founder of Newton & Pott. Her artisanal jams, pickles, chutneys and preserves are stocked in food stores across the UK and available to buy each Saturday from her stall at Broadway Market. Newton’s approach to fresh, seasonal produce and creative flavour combinations is influenced by her art-school background. She regularly holds masterclasses in the art of pickling and preserving and is the author of The Modern Preserver (Square Peg).

All photography by Philippa Langley


Can often be found … On Broadway Market. I have lived in Hackney for over 15 years now, and seen it grow into the community it is today. The Saturday market on Broadway is my favourite London market. My husband and I make a conscious effort to support local traders and to buy locally and seasonally.

Can you describe your style of cooking? I am the Modern Preserver, so my cooking will always have a preserving element to it, so be prepared for food that incorporates pickles, chutneys, fermentations and jams. People are often unsure how to incorporate preserves into their meals, so I am constantly exploring different ways to eat your preserves.The-Modern-Preserver-2851 copy

Where do you get your inspiration from? Seasonal produce definitely inspires me. I love that preserving allows me to capture a season and store it for a later day. When the time comes to open a jar or bottle, it’s like releasing a memory. I love to give food longevity.

Why do you love to feed people? To create happiness and comfort. But it’s not a selfless act! I’m feeding my creativity at the same time I’m feeding people. Creating dishes and menus allows me to experiment with an audience.The-Modern-Preserver-4806 copy copy

What food do you always have in at home? We always have free range eggs, a lump of Parmesan, pulses, pasta, rice – we tend to have the basics and build from there. We write a weekly menu by looking at what we have in house and develop meals around what’s left so we waste less and don’t over shop, and we buy local. Oh, and several pickles, jams and chutneys that take over two shelves in our fridge!

What’s the difference between a good meal, and a great meal? It can be the mood I’m in, or the company, or the thought process that is behind the food I’m eating, or the simpleness and freshness of the ingredients. Wine can help too …The-Modern-Preserver-2685 copy

What’s on the menu? Pickles, fermentations and other preserves matched with in-season vegetables and early Spring lamb. Think pickled carrots, kimchi and Kasundi-baked cauliflower and lamb chops (Kasundi being a fiery Indian condiment). For dessert, there will be pickled plums and hokey pokey ice-cream (vanilla with honeycomb) – a flavour from my home country, New Zealand.

• Kylee Newton (@newtonandpott) will be serving her three-course feast at the Bert & May Vyner Street showroom on Thursday 2 March. This event has SOLD OUT. Our next supper club will be held on 6 April. 

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